Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application

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Strategic sourcing software empowering agile purchasing.

Overall ESSA will support you on:
  • Export control
  • ITC International Trade Compliance
  • USGSourcing in support of United States Government
  • Managing special processes
  • Managing interdependent relationship with supplier
  • Semi-monopolistic and regulated supply market
  • Long term contracts and product life cycle
  • Long development and product certification
  • Mission critical systems

Aerospace industry is always at the forefront of innovation. Innovation frequently has it source at suppliers or is a result of strong collaboration with suppliers. Development and testing is long and it is not easy to move to the next TRL. On the other hand projects can be active for tens of years and suppliers ultimately became long term partners with their customers. ESSA allows technical and commercial dialogue with suppliers and calculate for you TCO based on VALUE from the relationship. You would rather be certain of your choices in the aerospace industry!


Compliance to international policies and safety regulations is in the heart of aerospace industry. The same high standards are required from suppliers. You can get help on managing and validating all required documents and certificates through ESSA sourcing documentation features. Create templates per sourcing category, define what documents to send to suppliers and what documents to require from them in return. If any standard or policy is updated, you can cascade them down through purchasing community the most recent version with a single click.


ESSA is strongly linked to Eveneum Negotiation Compass and Peter Kraljic’s matrix. If you work on semi-monopolistic market, very often in interdependent relationship, you can expand the horizon of negotiation and explore additional fields of collaboration to build strong bonds with your partners. We leave relationship in human hands, facilitating preparation to the talks.