Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application

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Agile purchasing equipped with cost reduction software.

Overall ESSA will support you on:
  • sourcing for New Product IntroductionNPI
  • link and leverage on standardized part of Bill of Material
  • agile sourcing on customized section of Bill of Material
  • reducing Time To Market
  • ISO 12100:2010 Safety of machinery — General principles for design — Risk assessment and risk reduction

In this agile but complex supply management environment the skills of people and their smoothness communication are critical. Often equipment and machinery manufacturers have to reconcile increasing market pressure on shorten lead-times with the need to customize e.g. interfaces, functionalities to customer requirements.


ESSA, instead of reducing buyers’ role, will truly unlock buyers’ potential and streamline collaboration with internal partners. You will find it easier to manage across the product range standardized part of Bill of Material to link and leverage spend with existing suppliers. For customized part of the order thanks to ESSA agility, you can conduct quick but high quality sourcing projects.


Herewith a few examples on how it can be achieved:


If you buy components which require dedicated tooling investment, where suppliers require step payments (e.g. 1/3 at PO, 1/3 at FAT, 1/3 at installation), probably you pay attention to money value in time. ESSA has built in mechanism to calculate Net Present Value and to compare step payments with different time stamps and different value. You can adjust these to payment plan from customer so you achieve back-to-back or better position for your company.


If purchasing take part in quotation preparation for an ultimate customer, you can quickly obtain budget quotes from your strategic suppliers. If your company win the project from the customer, you can instantly transform budgeting RFI into final sourcing project. Nothing will escape your attention. You can easily review and track specification’s revisions, budget or stretch objectives. Even if between two events weeks or months have already passed. That is possible thanks to unique “Parent project” and “Duplicate” functionalities.


You will be better prepared to negotiate final deal and contract and you will minimize impact of Backdoor Selling techniques of suppliers. We believe that it is human-to-human business, you can apply in business Eveneum Negotiation Compass Method®