Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application

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E-sourcing and supplier portal for agile purchasing teams.

Overall ESSA will support you on:
  • sourcing for New Product IntroductionNPI
  • manage on time and on budget sourcing
  • educate suppliers towards cost transparency and cost reduction
  • simplifying work on frequent design changes which requires consultation with suppliers
  • reducing Time To Market

If your product cost structure is sensitive on changing raw material prices or other cost driver strongly impacts end price of component, you may want to push suppliers towards cost transparency and quotations which help you to understand cost structure. Having that done should allow to plan cost improvement initiatives. ESSA quotation interface can be adjusted to your today well known and familiar to people templates. Moving from Excel and Outlook as communication tools with ESSA would be evolution, not revolution.


If you buy components which require dedicated tooling investment, where suppliers require step payments (e.g. 1/3 at PO, 1/3 at FAT, 1/3 at installation), probably you pay attention to money value in time. ESSA has built-in mechanism to calculate Net Present Value and to compare step payments with different time stamps and different value. You can adjust these to payment plan from customer so you achieve back-to-back or better position for your company.


ESSA was designed to facilitate New Product Introduction (NPI) process and to assure that First Time Quality(FTQ) is secured in each sourcing. We combined budget, cost, quality, delivery elements into quantitive and qualitative decision model with easy to follow graphical comparison.