A million PLN investment in machine learning for Da Vinci Studio

Machine learning in procurement and purchasing of logistics services

Da Vinci Studio is a technology partner in the development of the Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application [ESSA]. In parallel, Da Vinci Studio is working on other projects in the area of ​​supply chain management. Congratulations to Wojciech and Michał for acquiring an investor for a machine learning technology development.

A million PLN project: Vinci Rithms

Automatic analysis of requests for quotation for the transport industry is a new Da Vinci Studio software house project based on machine learning. The company received PLN 1 million in funding for this purpose – the investor and mentor of the project is the Czysta3.vc venture capital fund.

The genesis of the project

Based on many years of experience in working with clients from the intermodal transport industry, the DVS (Da Vinci Studio) management – Wojciech Bachta and Michał Polak – have better understood the processes, problems and challenges of forwarders. Having said that, it created the basis for building an advanced tool. The system of automatic analysis of inquiries, using machine learning.

Project for a million: Vinci Rithms

The project development support was provided by the Czysta3.vc fund, which decided to invest in a new project of the ambitious Da Vinci Studio team. The software house was supported with PLN 1 million and got the green light to start work on the project based on machine learning – Vinci Rithms.

The Fund willingly supports projects in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They have amazing development potential, and thanks to our experience and knowledge in this area, we can support companies so as to help develop their business – says Szymon Janiak, managing director of Czysta3.vc.

For many years we’ve worked with transport industry companies and we’ve noticed that the biggest problem is the time spent on analyzing and replying to offer emails. We asked ourselves – how can we help clients and improve this process? The answer came quickly: through automation, thanks to which the response to the message will be prepared by … a computer program – says Wojciech Bachta, CEO of the software house.

Renaissance of automation

The software is based on the automatic analysis of inquiries and uses machine learning algorithms. This is a solution to the problem of a large number of queries directed to companies. How it’s working? The tool is based on machine learning, which will effectively and automatically analyze e-mails sent to companies from the Polish transport industry, which is quite specific and wide, and then extract specific parameters for further stages of the process.

Partner and mentor – Czysta3.VC

With our idea, we applied to the Czysta3.VC fund, with which we quickly found a common language. Thanks to their support, our project took on a real shape and thanks to that we received funds for the implementation of our vision. We develop as people, as a company, but we also want to develop more in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is the future of many industries – says Michał Polak, CEO of DVS.

Machine learning already supports the operation of many systems and programs, thus giving new opportunities to build market advantage. The introduction of the tool to industries that respond to dozens of offer emails on a daily basis is certainly a breakthrough, which will improve the operation of every enterprise.

As a software house, our goal is invariably to do projects that help companies gain a competitive advantage or simply survive by moving processes to digital. We like working with startups and creating new innovative solutions – adds Wojciech Bachta.

Young and ambitious

Da Vinci Studio is a young team that is active in many areas at work: machine learning, web and mobile applications, as well as in the field of e-commerce, forwarding and transport as well as e-learning. The creative and enthusiastic team is managed by two founders, Wojciech Bachta and Michał Polak, who have been successfully providing software and innovative solutions for companies and startups for years, winning numerous awards and distinctions for their projects. In recent weeks, Da Vinci Studio has changed not only in the context of changing CEO. Da Vinci Studio changed the ownership structure – Maciej Felski left the board and his shares were taken over by Bachta and Polak. The software house has also undergone a strong, image-rebranding reminiscent of the Renaissance, which combines their visions of changing technologies and supporting customers at every stage of their evolution.

The future of business

Vinci Rithms is a tool that provides the basis for the development of subsequent projects operating thanks to intelligent offer analysis, not only in the area of ​​freight forwarding. The evolution of artificial intelligence and its implementation in the basic areas of company operations gives a great opportunity to expand the activity of many areas and sectors of the economy and business. The project from Da Vinci Studio and Czysta3.vc is the first step into the future.