ESSA emerged from the strong need of agile tool supporting excellence in strategic sourcing. It focuses on carefully crafted sourcing projects by purchasing and their business partners. While many tools in the market have its roots in procure-to-pay indirect area, ESSA was designed right from the beginning to help in high value, highly complex project sourcing and direct purchasing.

If your Cost of Goods Sold is highly dependent on purchased materials, components and services, please contact us to talk on opportunities.

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  • issues with errors in communication and specification revision change control, through easy parent project tracking and robust communication to suppliers
  • outdated Terms&Conditions, Health&Safety or Logistic requirements usage. Cascade down at once new revisions of key risk mitigation documents
  • need to calculate in Excel: NPV, step payments, energy usage and other parameters which are mission critical to take decision. All these factors can be embedded in at glance comparison
  • suboptimal and bad sourcing decision resulting from incomplete or wrong proposals comparison. In ESSA you can engage non-commercial colleagues
  • risk of losing all your data with ransomware or other attack or hardware failure

  • cooperation and coordination between R+D, Quality and Purchasing departments
  • sourcing for and cooperation with your internal business partners spread geographically among multiple sites, technical centers, centers of excellence
  • comparing and selecting RFx winners based on visual TCO graphs, starting from Total Project Value, through hard TCO measures, to risk soft factors
  • management of multi-category, international suppliers
  • risk management per category
  • paperwork, administrative, documenting steps, which in ESSA happens in the background

  • framework with direct suppliers. While tools for indirect purchasing have to deal with spend diversity, ESSA focuses on repeatability and continuous improvement of VALUE
  • if you have your templates for category strategy, reporting or ERP feeding, then ESSA provides user friendly generator of templates
  • contract extension, supplier resourcing, new project sourcing, obtaining budget quotation. ESSA enables KPIs sets formation, selecting documents and TCO parameters to take decision on Total Cost of Ownership principles
  • sourcing history supporting compliance with internal and external audits
  • people development and portfolio hand over thanks to know-how embedded in the system

  • collecting suppliers’ offers for BOM to submit quotation to your customer
  • setting budget and stretch objectives on complex projects
  • preparation for negotiation
  • approval process beyond purchasing organization (DOA)
  • review of submitted offers and decisions
  • multi-module software solutions. ESSA design is simple and lean. You can start using it without any training or manual!
  • projects’ management on time and in budget with supporting workflow of ESSA

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